Measuring surface and porosity

Sorbi®- M

Compact automated instrument for multi-point BET surface measurement

«Sorbi®-М» is certified for use in the Russian Federation and a series of CIS countries as a means of measuring the BET surface of particulate and porous materials; it is metrologically verified on certified GSO samples and included in the shipping is a primary metrological calibration test.

Measurements are carried out automatically and are displayed in real time.

The instrument does not require the use of pre-made gas mixtures.

Innovative sensor design allows for high measurement reproducibility.

The device is easy to use and compact. The device houses the Dewar flask, the heater and the capsule with a sample to be measured, thus ensuring safe liquid nitrogen use.

Sorbi-M Sorbi-M, a compact automated instrument for multi-point BET surface measurement.
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and description

«Sorbi®-М» is designed for measuring the BET surface of particulate and porous materials via low temperature inert gas adsorption.

Allows for single-point (express) and multi-point BET analysis (compliant with the international ASTM and ISO standards).

BET surface measurement range:
from 0.1 m2/g to 2000 m2/g.

The reproducibility is better than 0.5 %.

The instrument is used for measuring the texture properties of particulate and porous materials (including nanomaterials):

  • at the production stage;
  • at the quality assurance stage;
  • for product certification and conditioning purposes;
  • for research purposes;
  • for student training.

«Sorbi®-M» has a built-in gas mixture preparation unit thus saving on expensive pre-made gas mixtures.

The specially designed sensor features high stability, low background noise drift and a sensory element protected against the risk of oxidation during sample installation.

«Sorbi®-М» is controlled from a PC. The ad-hoc developed software enables the "insert sample – get data" workflow. While measurements are being taken, the adsorption and desorption process data is updated and displayed in real time.

The ease of use is ensured by automated data processing, adsorption/desorption flow visualization on the computer display as well as an ergonomic design.