Measuring surface and porosity

Sorbi®- МS

Instrument for measuring BET surface and porosity

Sorbi®-МS is designed for measuring BET surface, outer specific surface, mesopore volumes and pore size distribution for material science research purposes and quality assurance in hi-tech industries.

Sorbi®-МS is metrologically verified with certified state standard reference samples of BET surfaces of particulate porous materials (GSO 7912-2001).

The measurement process is fully automated and the process flow is displayed in real time.

Sorbi-MS is a compact automated instrument for multi-point BET surface measuring
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and description

The Sorbi®-МS design leverages the classic method of dynamic inert gases adsorption.

An important aspect of this method is the absence of a vacuum unit hence significantly reduced operating costs, less strict personnel qualification requirements and higher reliability.

The built-in "adsorber + carrier gas" system removes the need for expensive gas mixtures.

The ad-hoc developed Windows-based software allows the measurement results to be visualized as graphs and tables.

The innovative sensor design ensures low background noise drift and features sensory element protection during sample replacement.

Sorbi®-МS is easy to use, requires minimum learning time, is compact and has a low consumables usage rate.

The instrument comes with lifetime servicing and metrological support guarantee.