Measuring surface and porosity


Compact 3-port sample preparation unit.

The SorbiPrep® is designed for sample degassing prior to measuring the BET surface and pore size distribution with the Sorbi® lineup instruments

SorbiPrep® is all around ergonomic: the device body features a convenient and compact stand rod with holder for storing capsules; the degassing port is located at a comfortable height; a bright LCD display is placed at an optimal vision angle; the dashboard ensures easy sample preparation mode programming and displays the current port status.

Carefully designed capsule holder eliminates the need for adjusting the inert gas flow in order to prevent the loss of ultrafine powders.

This facilitates the preparation of samples of arbitrary particle size. 

The capsule holder prevents sample contamination when the capsule is being transferred from the station to the instrument.

SorbiPrep Compact 3-port sample preparation unit. 

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and description

  • Using SorbiPrep® results in a more than twofold increase in performance of the Sorbi® instruments lineup along with a greater than threefold reduction in liquid nitrogen consumption.
  • SorbiPrep® is easy to use and requires almost zero training.
  • SorbiPrep®'s reasonable pricing makes it easy to fit into your budget.
  • The station is compact and requires virtually zero space on the lab workbench.
  • Discrete design means it will nicely fit into the interior of any lab.